Bachelor Party Recap – Pacific Northwest Crew

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Recap

What started as a quiet night at Sunday night Sapphire turned into rip-roaring bachelor blowout for the boys from the Pacific Northwest. The best man had coordinated a nice guys weekend in Vegas with hotel accommodations at Flamingo, round of golf at Revere and the big Sunday night blowout. The VIP bachelor party package started with a limo pickup and comped round of drinks at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. It was early, around 9pm, but the bachelor had a girl on his lap within minutes of being seated at a table on the main floor.  Before you knew it $20’s were flying and the strippers’ tops were disappearing! Shots of Jameson and Heineken Lights seemed like a great pre-party before the Party Bus Booze Cruise was coming to pick the guys up, but that’s where it got ugly.

The party bus driver was shocked that the guys were asking to stop at a liquor store. They had a one hour Strip cruise with a bottle of Grey Goose, Red Bulls and mixers for only 6 guys. Apparently that’s not how these guys roll so they added a 1.75L bottle of Skyy Vodka into the mix and finished both bottles by the time they arrived at Bellagio for The Bank Nightclub. Sunday nights at The Bank are always hot and our Sin City VIP connections got these Portland Trailblazers straight past the lines and into the VIP section of the club.

Their VIP package included two bottles of Goose at The Bank and we were actually worried they wouldn’t be able to finish both bottles before the party bus picked them back up for Spearmint Rhino. The group arrived around 11pm and when they left at 1:30am they did more than just polished off two bottles, they drank FOUR!!!  Keep in mind these are regular guys, everyday Joes. This whole scene was new to some of them but they dove right in. Regular guys turned into Vegas rockstars with girls dancing on top of the booth and pouring off huge rounds of vodka shots out of the bottles at their VIP table. We thought we were lucky to get them out of there because they were having so much fun but getting them out of there was the beginning of the end.

Arriving at Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas after 2am has all the makings of a legendary night. You are guaranteed to have up close and personal encounters with some of the hottest strippers you will ever have the pleasure to talk to or touch. Our Rhino after hours package includes VIP entry through the back door of the club and reserved seating for your group. As our bachelor party made the usually triumphant walk through the VIP entrance of the club they looked anything but triumphant, they looked like their world’s were spinning! Two of the guests went straight to the restroom not even looking where the rest of the group was taken to be seated. These two guys were stumbling at rapid speed toward the restroom rushing to avoid throwing up in the Rhino hallway and doing so in the privacy of a men’s room stall. Unfortunately, that’s not acceptable either and the guests were removed from the club immediately. Nobody cares that your friends are still inside, once you get sick at the club you are out the door, in a cab and that’s the end of your night. Keep it together guys.

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